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Nitro™ 3-Wheel Rollator




test The Nitro™ 3-Wheel Rollator is the newest addition to our premium line of Nitro™ rollators. Featuring a hidden inner brake cable, the functional and modern Nitro™ 3 is designed with safety in mind while indoors or outdoors. The Nitro™ 3 easily navigates narrow spaces and folds flat while in the standing position so it can roll, park and store anywhere. Also included is a large, removable pouch to keep personal items close. The Nitro™ 3 comes pre-assembled, so you can unbox, unfold and get your customers going!

Stylish and modern design features lightweight aluminum frame with built-in brake cable for extra safety and protection
Ergonomic hand grips provide comfort and control, push down on handbrakes to engage parking brake feature
Quickly and easily adjust the height of the handles with the push-button height adjustment
Large, removable storage pouch is perfect for your personal belongings, or transporting items to and from
Easy side to side fold allows the rollator to stay in the standing position, making it easy to roll, park and store anywhere
Dual front fork design enhances turning radius while providing added safety
Large 9″ front wheel allows for optimal steering and conveniently moves over most kinds of terrain, whether indoors or out
Out of box assembled
Drive PreserveTech™ products are manufactured with an antimicrobial* agent that helps to minimize the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew on treated surfaces. Treated surfaces on this product include the handgrips


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