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The Vista® CTO4 is a perfect product to assist with the increased motion restriction in all three planes of motion—flexion/extension, axial rotation and lateral bending. Even while offering this level of motion restriction, the product is comfortable and make the patients relaxed. It is padded at all contact points to provide better compliance.

About Vista® CTO4

The Aspen Vista CTO4 is an award-winning device that offers motion restriction all over the cervicothoracic spine. It is the winner of the Spine Technology Award for best new technology and provides the most motion restriction of the Vista Line.

Explore the Features :

  • Can be Adjusted to Fit all size Patient
  • Doesn't Require Tools to Adjust
  • Restricts Movements in All Three Planes
  • Best Skin Care: Cotton Lined Pads Wick Away Moisture from Skin
  • No Need of Size Orthosis
  • Self-Adjust Padded Pivotal Panels to Cradle Head Shapes

Additional Details :

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