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The award-winning and unique design of the Vista CTO provide motion restriction throughout the cervico-thoracic spine and helps with significant motion control in all three planes of motion flexion/extension, axial rotation, and lateral bending. Vista CTO is completely adjustable and only one size is needed, keeping patient care the main priority and reducing inventory costs.

About Vista® CTO

The Vista CTO is the most suitable brace for post-operative patients or people who need additional motion restrictions to confirm their quick healing from injury. The Vista CTO has multiple points of adjustment: assisting the patient with all-time comfortability and focusing on many patient anatomies without compromising support.

Explore the Features :

  • Effective Skin Care: Fine cotton-lined Aspen pads wick moisture from the patient’s skin.
  • Increased Motion Restriction: Best for patients who need more support than a cervical collar alone.
  • One Size Adjustable: Adjustability makes it a perfect fit for patients.
  • Locking Sternal Adjustment: Brace is effortlessly locked in place to fit the patient’s anatomy.
  • Flexible Thoracic Adjustment: One size perfectly fits all patient anatomies and unlocks to help the patient reposition.

Additional Details :

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