Vista® Cervical Collar

Vista® Cervical Collar
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The Vista® Collar provided by Aspen improves patient care at the same time saving money, time and storage space. It comprises Aspen’s proven cotton-lined pads perfectly engineered to support appropriate skin care by avoiding patient contact points in the occipital area.

About Vista® Cervical Collar

Vista® Cervical Collar is made with innovative height adjustment technology, the Vista Collar is actually six collars in one. The perfect size is always at hand, reducing inventory and storage and costs at the same time improving patient care.

Explore the Features :

  • One Size Adjustable- One fit for all
  • Extra Large Patient Access Window
  • Dial Height Adjustment: Simply pull & turn the Height Adjustment Dial to choose one of six height settings.
  • Proven skincare is provided by Proven cotton-lined Aspen pads that wick moisture from the patient’s skin
  • It eliminates the cost of storing multiple sizes, frees up valued inventory space, and eliminates SKUs.

Additional Details :

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