Torbot Seal-Tite Stoma Gasket

Torbot Seal-Tite Stoma Gasket
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Torbot Seal-Tite Adhesive Gaskets are easy-to-use, double-sided adhesives used to hold appliance to the body, providing extra security and less irritation than liquid cement. Adhesive GasketsStrong adhesive bond makes them suitable even for swimming. These adhesive gaskets are round in shape with 3" Diameter.

About Torbot Seal-Tite Stoma Gasket

To make healthcare and a healthy lifestyle accessible and affordable to our customers. The ease of online ordering and home delivery allows us to make health care and healthy living products accessible to you, our customers.

Explore the Features :

• Torbot Seal-Tite Large Adhesive Gaskets are safe, even for sensitive skin
• Water-resistant, double-faced gasket with precut opening and leak-proof seal
• Round, 3-3/4" diameter

Additional Details :

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