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No Sting Skin Bar Wipe
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"No-sting skin-prep is a alcohol-free, versatile, liquid film making skin protectant that can be utilized on damaged or intact skin to help avoid irritation caused due to: • Incontinence associated dermatitis • Moisture related dermatitis from wound ostomy effluent or exudate • Caustic drainage from nutrition feeding tubes, tracheostomy tubes, (g-tubes, j-tubes) "

About Securi-T No Sting Wipe Barrier Protective Dressing

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Explore the Features :

• Protects skin from incontinence, friction, skin trauma from tape stripping, reduces potential for stinging
• Hypoallergenic, sterile formula
• Latex, alcohol, preservative, fragrance-free formula
• Fast drying and extends dressing wear time
• Transparent coverage offers visual skin inspection
• Breathable, waterproof see-through barrier
• Flexible - conforms to awkward regions such as elbows and heels
• Available in wipes, spray and swabs
• Effective barrier protection

Additional Details :

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