No-Sting Skin Barrier Film Spray - 2 oz

No-Sting Skin Barrier Film Spray - 2 oz
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Our No-Sting Skin Barrier Wipes are alcohol free and do not hurt or sting when wiped on the skin. They work well on sensitive skin that is easily irritated. Our Skin Barrier Wipes come in a variety of sizes, both large and small, depending on the application need. They are easy to handle and protect the skin, providing a film barrier when adhering and adhesive accessory. It can improve the adherence of a pouch and extend the use. Very gentle, convenient and scent-free.

About No-Sting Skin Barrier Film Spray - 2 oz

Hollister Karaya 5 Drainable Pouch 16 Inch uses a specialized Karaya five seal ring to effectively protect skin from stomal discharge. Offering ultimate flexibility and shallow convexity, this ostomy pouch is bacteriostatic and transparent. Sealed with porous tape, wearers can confidently go about their daily activities while wearing this ostomy bag.

Explore the Features :

• Alcohol Free - Does Not Hurt when Wiped on Skin
• Large Wipe - Easy to Handle
• Protects the Skin
• Helps Pouch Adherence
• Several Packaging Options: Large Wipe, Sachet, Spray, Wand and more

Additional Details :

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