MedFix Dressing Retention Tape

MedFix Dressing Retention Tape
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Medfix Dressing Retainer Tape is ideal for securing primary dressings or securing feeding tubes, including gastrostomy tubes. The low-sensitivity adhesive is easy on patients during dressing changes. It features a soft and flexible, non-woven fabric that has a porous structure which is water resistant and is able to cover the entire primary wound dressing conveniently just in one application.

About MedFix Dressing Retention Tape

When to use Medline MedFix Wound Care Tape? To secure gastrostomy tubes and other feeding tubes To secure primary dressings such as gauze, foams and gel wafers

Explore the Features :

Low sensitivity adhesive that is gentle for the patient Water resistant Printed s-c release liner for flexibility and customized sizing Can be left in place for up to 7 days

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