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Using PDI Electrode Skin Prep Pads decreases potential artifacts while increasing signal detection. Dirt, oils, skin moisturizers, powders, and sweat get wiped away by a 70% isopropyl alcohol solution. Pumice granules exfoliate dead skin cells in the stratum corneum and provides light abrasion of the stratum granulosum. Each pad measures 1-1/5 x 2-3/4 inches, giving you a superior grip and accurate control. Now you can clean each contact site with ease in just a stroke or two, resulting in excellent ECG electrode-to-skin touch and longer-lasting interface-free contact. These prep pads come in boxes of 100 individually wrapped units. HAIR REMOVAL Electrode application sites often contain hair that must be removed first. This non-irritating formula shaving cream by MedSpa can help soothe skin while hair is removed. Irritation often starts a chain reaction that interferes with getting an accurate EKG reading. You can complete the task of hair removal with the aid of these Surgical Prep Razors for a super-close shave.

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