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About Deluxe Penguin Nutritional Warmer Single Well

Going beyond just warming breast milk, the Penguin ensures each feeding is always safely delivered within the ideal human physiological temperature range of 98F-100F, regardless of the starting temperature. A feature unique to Penguin, gentle vibration technology prevents potential nutritional degradation by continuously stirring the feeding throughout the warming cycle for a more even and consistent warming and eliminates the need to shake or roll the feeding to even out dangerous hot spots.

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Explore the Features :

  • 360° surround, consistent, low-heat distribution
  • Patented “Bag-in-Bag” closed system design of Therma-Liner prevents potential contamination from water
  • Leverages thermal transfer properties of water – the most efficient and controlled method for heat exchange
  • Gentle vibrating technology mixes feedings through out the warming cycle, eliminating the need to shake or roll it, maintaining the nutritional integrity of breast milk
  • Below recommended NICU sound level of <45 Decibels keeps NICU environment quiet
  • Hold time of 30 minutes to maintain ideal temperature after the warming cycle is complete
  • Multiple warming profiles makes Penguin very easy to use and customizable
  • Patented jacket conforms to most feeding containers used in the NICU
  • Best-in-class service and 2-year warranty

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