Curity Hypoallergenic Clear Tape

Curity Hypoallergenic Clear Tape
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The hypoallergenic tape allows for ease of use, letting the skin breath. It also minimizes the risk of skin irritation, and has been tested and proven to not cause skin reactions.

About Curity Hypoallergenic Clear Tape

To make healthcare and a healthy lifestyle accessible and affordable to our customers. The ease of online ordering and home delivery allows us to make health care and healthy living products accessible to you, our customers.

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General Use Medical Tape Used in Wound Care For Frequent Taping and Re-Taping Dressings Where Skin Irritation a Concern Light Yet Strong and Tangle Free Easy to Tear Natural Porosity Ease of Use Allows the Skin to Breath Minimizes Risk of Skin Irritation Tested and Proven to Not Cause Skin Reactions

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