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Aspen ROM Knee
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The Aspen ROM Knee is a range of motion brace which provides ideal compression and support. The amazing brace is available in both sized as well as universal options. The sized variety features a premium AirX material which provides a high degree of moisture-wicking and breathability, allowing for improved patient compliance and extended wear. On the other hand, the Universal option offers the adjustability to fit most patients.

About Aspen ROM Knee

The Aspen ROM Knee is made from a lightweight neoprene material, this option facilitates optimal compression as well as comfort.

Explore the Features :

  • Easy access range of motion hinge.
  • It features sturdy hinge struts to facilitate for optimal customization.
  • Posterior strap for additional adjustment and comfort.
  • Advanced AirX material offers ideal compression with a high degree of moisture wicking and breathability.

Additional Details :

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