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Aspen® Cervical Collar
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Aspen® Cervical Collars is the best product in the industry, used to optimize support as well as comfort, these are the two key components for better patient results. The structure of the collar is designed to grant substantial motion restriction devoid of producing aching pressure points that can cause skin breakdown or poor patient amenability.

About Aspen® Cervical Collar

 For the best comfort, all the contact surfaces of Aspen® Cervical Collars are cushioned with cotton-lined and breathable foam padding.

Explore the Features :

  • Provides Motion Restriction
  • Comfortable Pads are used for better results
  • Custom Support Provide
  • Occipital Support Strap™ also customizes the collar by making an adjustable, three-Dimensional “shelf” that perfectly cradles the back of the head.
  • Proper Skin Care is Provided

Additional Details :

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