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The products included here represent a small number of the many home care products which are available. Please contact us for further information about these products or any other home medical equipment need you might have.

Skin Care

Antimicrobial Callus Exfoliator (3.5 oz.)

Antimicrobial Callus Exfoliator (3.5 oz.) - Soothes and smooths rough, cracked skin.

- Creamy formula helps restore natural skin moisture.

- Germ killing antiseptic helps prevent infection.

- Safe for use with diabetes.

Manufacturer:  Woodward Laboratories

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Aquaphor® Original Ointment

Aquaphor® Original Ointment Indicated for use as a treatment for severely dry skin. Provides a unique protective environment that enhances the skin's own healing ability and reduces wound healing time. Hypoallergenic, contains no fragrances, preservatives or known skin irritants.
14 oz jar

Manufacturer:  BSN - Jobst

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BAZA® Antifungal

BAZA® Antifungal Treats and relieves the pain and discomfort of superficial fungal infections associated with incontinence. Contains 2% Miconazole Nitrate.
5 oz tube

Manufacturer:  Coloplast

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Baza® Cleanse and Protect™

Baza® Cleanse and Protect™ A no-rinse cleansing lotion that cleans, moisturizes and protects red, irritated, chaffed skin due to incontinence. This one step lotion combines mild cleansing agents, a breathable skin barrier (2% Dimethicone) and moisturizing ingredients in one gentle, nonirritating formula. pH balanced, alcohol and fragrance free.
8oz Spray

Manufacturer:  Coloplast

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Brevatin Wrinkle\Stretch Mark Remover (4 oz.)

Brevatin Wrinkle\Stretch Mark Remover (4 oz.) Brevatin contains a proprietary blend of acetyl hexapeptides with reduce natural nerve stimulation and allow facial tissue to relax, smoothing, and reshaping the skin.

Clinically proven to begin reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and stretch marks in just two to three weeks. Brevatin moisturizes and conditions the skin with multivitamins and naturally deprived plant extracts. It's a safe, effective, and naturally deprived alternative to toxic injections.

Use three or four times a day for maximum results.

Manufacturer:  Caren Wellness

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CarraFoam™ Cleanser

CarraFoam™ Cleanser All-body cleanser containing acemannan hydrogel to enhance healing. Provides over 100 applications. Just spray and wipe away.
8 oz spray can

Manufacturer:  Carrington

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Dermagran Bc- Barrier Cream Ointment

Dermagran Bc- Barrier Cream Ointment Dermagran Bc- Patented Formula base with it Zinc-Nutrient and Balanced PH technology help seal out Protected against minor skin irritation due to Moisture, urine, Feces, and Perspiration. Aside from a high Percentage Zinc Oxide, Dermagran Bc also contain Bentonite and and Dimethicone, dramatically increasing the effectiveness of the barrier. The Patented non-greasy formulation is easy to appeal and to remove, and offer long lasting barrier effect, thus increasing wear time and improving economic outcomes.

Order# ND-35
Details: 3.5oz tube
Quantity: 12/ Case

Manufacturer:  Derma science

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Harmonie Extra Underpad

Harmonie Extra Underpad Non woven Top-sheet
Fluff Pad
Polyethylene Backsheet

17'x24" - 12/25s

Manufacturer:  TENA

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Hygiene 1 Wash

Hygiene 1 Wash 1008 W
Spray Bottle.8 oz.

A no -rinse incontinence cleanser formulated with surfactants to emulsify and remove feces. emesis and urine. Alcohol-free.

Manufacturer:  BARD

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IN BETWEEN® PERINEAL SPRAY SKIN CLEANSER In Between® is a versatile product for the quick and effective clean up of all body exudates, particularly those from incontinent episodes. It eliminates odor from urine and feces while gently and thoroughly cleansing the entire perineal skin area. In Between® may be sprayed directly on the skin, soil mass, clothing, bed linens, floors, walls, furniture, carpets, and any other surface that needs to be clean and free of odors. In Between® cleans, soothes, and freshens the skin. It leaves no soap film and does not require rinsing. In Between® contains a special antimicrobial preserving system that aids in eliminating cross infection concerns

Order# S201-8Z
Details: 8 oz

Manufacturer:  DEREMA SCIENCE

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Kodel® Heel and Elbow Protectors

Kodel® Heel and Elbow Protectors Soft, 100% Kodel® polyester fiber protectors with convenient Velcro® closure. One size fits all.
One size fits all

Manufacturer:  Duro-Med Industries

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Proshield™ Foam & Spray Incontinent Cleanser

Proshield™ Foam & Spray Incontinent Cleanser A gentle, no-rinse, moisturizing cleanser ideal for incontinence cleanup or total body cleansing. Spray or foam setting option reduces waste.
8 oz bottle

Manufacturer:  Healthpoint Medical

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Proshield™ Plus Skin Protectant

Proshield™ Plus Skin Protectant Adheres to wet skin as well as zinc oxide, yet removes as easily as petrolatum. Clear, fragrance-free formula provides a moisture barrier that protects from irritation due to fecal and urinary incontinence.
4 oz tube

Manufacturer:  Healthpoint Medical

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Regent Medical - The science of protection

Regent Medical - The science of protection Regent Medical is pleased to provide the HIBICLENS brand of skin antisepsis products. HIBICLENS a trusted leader in antimicrobial cleaners, bonds with the skin to create a protective, germ killing field. In addition to the fast acting antimicrobial effect, HIBICLENS' non-drying, low skin irritation potential promotes compliance with the frequent hand washing associated with today's clinical protocols.

Indicated for use as:
. A surgical scrub
. A patient pre-operative skin preparation
. A healthcare personal hand wash
. A skin wound and general skin cleaner

Code - Description
57504 - 4 oz. Bottle
57508 - 8 oz. Bottle
57516 - 16 oz. Bottle

Manufacturer:  Regent Medical

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TOOTHETTE ORAL SWABS short Term swab System with Perox A-mint Solution
20 Swabs with Sodium Bicarbonate, 1-1.5 oz bottle of Perox-A-Mint Solution and 1-.5 oz Tube of Mouth Moisturizer.
50 Systems/case

Short and Extended Term Care systems provide multiple componnents at the bedside for routine oral care throughout the day. available with your choice of Perox-A-Mint solution or antiseptic Oral Rinse in bottles for easy dipping of swabs. Multi-use tube of Mouth Moisturizer Soothes and moisturizes lips and oral tissue. Product bag conveniently hangs on the Beside Bracket .

Manufacturer:  SAGA PRODUCTS INC

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Trilasyn Anti-aging/Redness-reducing Ointment

Trilasyn Anti-aging/Redness-reducing  Ointment Trilasyn is formulated with a Regu-Age anti-aging complex of purified rice and soy proteins, which aids in the reduction of skin redness (acne, rosacea), and helps improve blood circulation to the affected areas. Existing spider vein appearance is reduced, while the formation of new marks is inhibited.

Trilasyn helps the skin retain its firmness by inhibiting enzymatic activity that degrades the collagen network.

Use three or four times a day for maximum results.

Manufacturer:  Caren Wellness

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Tush Wipes - Individual Flushable Moist Wipes

Tush Wipes - Individual Flushable Moist Wipes -Enjoy a fresh, ultra clean feeling
-Great for Hemorrhoids
-While traveling or just on the got, tush wipes are easy to carry in a purse, pocket, travel bag, back pack, brief case, wallet, make-up bag, etc...

Manufacturer:  PureTouch Skin Care

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